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Lessons and Training

Natural Horsemanship Horse Training and Riding Lessons

What is Natural Horsemanship?

Natural Horsemanship is a method of teaching and interacting with horses based on trust, respect and communication, in a language the horse can understand, rather than using fear, intimidation and mechanical devices.

If we are going to communicate with them it’s easier for us to learn their language than the other way around. The biggest mistake people make in trying to teach horses is, using predator psychology on a prey animal; it just doesn’t work very well. The more we look at things from the horse’s point of view the easier it is for them to understand what we are asking them to learn.

Why Natural Horsemanship works?

Natural horsemanship works because it recognizes that it is easier for a horse to understand what we want them to do if we communicate to them in a language they already understand, rather than attempting to teach them our language.

We prefer to create a respectful relationship between ourselves and the horse. Our brand of horsemanship is about the horse, not the clothes he wears.  Whether English or Western, you will learn how to get better results with less than you imagined possible.


Riding Lessons

Emphasizing on Natural Horsemanship skills, balance, confidence, safety and Fun!!

Basic riding skills you'll develop include; effective position and aids, true balance, riding with 'feel' and safety issues, as well as ground skills, tacking up and saddle fit issues. In addition to these, you'll learn the human's various responsibilities when interacting with a horse and how to have a positive and calming influence. The end goal is a well rounded and informed horseperson.

Students will receive hands-on instruction in the many aspects of horsemanship.

  • Developing both an active and following seat
  • True balance/balancing from the core/center
  • Developing cadence and timing
  • The direct, indirect, leading, and supporting reins
  • Learn how to read the horses body language
  • Learn how to communicate with the horses
  • Basic horse care techniques (grooming, proper diet and exercise, etc.)
  • Safety when working around horses
  • Training methods (both riding and ground work)
  • Horse anatomy
  • Improving understanding through knowledge, trust and respect
  • Learning to ride with cadence and temp
  • Increased body awareness in horse and rider
  • Timing of the aids
  • Creating a firm foundation with a horse
  • Importance of focus in both horse and human
  • How riders position influences the horse






       Lessons can be enjoyed by the whole family of all skill levels, four years of age or older.

Horseback riding lesson the Natural Horsemanship way



Private lesson

Semi-Private lesson
(2-4 Students per session)



Semi-Private lesson with your horse
(2-4 Students per session)


Group lesson
(5 or more Students per session)


Private training with your horse




Also offering Birthday Parties for all ages to enjoy
please call for details

 Prices updated as of January 1, 2017.
1 Session = 1 Hour
Please call to Schedule Lessons or parties


Gail Datka
Wind Dancer Farms
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