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Here at Wind Dancer Farms pastured horses are provided grass pasture when available, deworming,  and free choice hay year round.  Our free choice hay program means that pastured horses have access to hay 24/7.  Horses regulate themselves naturally as they are not required to compete for food with more aggressive individuals.  This lack of pressure helps lead to a more relaxed atmosphere in the herd dynamic.  For the easy keeper that puts weight on with just the smell of fresh hay, we have smaller dry lot pens also available.   

Pasture board includes all amenities available: 50-acre facility with an additional 20 acres of wooded trails, outside cold wash area, inside hot/cold wash stall, attached indoor area tack room, additional secure tack rooms, horse trailer parking, 110x220 outdoor arena, 80 X 140 indoor arena, 2 pivot polls and three round pens. Restroom attached to indoor area. We also include fun group activities throughout the year. Boarders enjoy the Christmas party, bonfires, hayrides, cook outs and horse fun shows which provide a chance for everyone to have fun.


Pasture Boarding options with dewormer and sales tax included are as follows:




Pasture boarding – Large herd pasture:                 $310

Includes grass pasture when available and free choice hay year round. Shelter provided.


  Pasture boarding – Mares herd pasture:                 $310
  Includes grass pasture when available and free choice hay year round. 
  Shelter provided.



  Dry Lot                                                             $310

  Includes free choice hay year round. Shelter provided.



Pasture boarding – small herd pasture:                 $310

Includes same as Pasture boarding – large pasture except herd size is limited to 8 to 10 horses. Additional tack space is included in a separate tack room.





Private run turnout – with shelter:                                $370

Includes private outdoor run with shelter provided.  Horses are fed individually per owners request. Solution for horses requiring supplements and extra care.


Large run turnout- with shelter:                                    $340

Includes multiple horses with shelter provided. Solution for horses requiring supplements and extra care.


Stalls available upon request. Call for info and pricing. 

Prices are effective as of February 1, 2020.



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